a hairstyle for growing your bangs out

The first time I cut my bangs, I was a freshman in high school after a boy called me a name that was meant to highlight the size of my forehead. Kids… I took a cheap pair of scissors to my hair and the look actually turned out okay! Over the years, you could say I’ve tried every which way to style my bangs. Buuuut, every single time…I get tired of them. Haunted by my oily skin, which I am now very grateful for, I was frustrated by how oily they became at the end of the day, I have tried countless times to grow them back out. Only to fall into the dreaded trap of cutting them again after a few months.

Age cures many things, including any insecurities I felt from that silly comment made about my forehead by a freshman boy. (Unfortunately, it hasn’t cured the wayward itch I feel for travel just like Steinbeck says in his book, Travels with Charley. Which I totally recommend by the way!) It also cures the teenage urge of getting up early to prep and primp my hair. Cause ain’t no body got time for…doing your bangs every single morning.

Braids and dry shampoo have been my saving grace when it comes to styling my hair while I let my bangs grow back out. First, I will curl my hair with this curling iron. I will use dry shampoo on my hair even when my hair is clean because it gives my hair a nice grip for adding some body to my braid. After french or dutch braiding my hair, I will spritz the braid with a little bit of my favorite hairspray (I love the hold and it smells so much better than most hairsprays).

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