Hello! My name is Ashley and I’m from Tennessee. Welcome to my blog, a place where I share little tidbits that interest and inspire me. From fashion styling and food, this is my personal anthology.

I was born in Germany and raised in a town outside of Nasville, Tennessee. Nashville is my favorite city and my style is mostly inspired by it. I’m hoping to make it back someday, but for now, my husband and I are exploring each new city the military calls him to serve in. Created in 2009, my blog is place for me to showcase fashionable outfits that are simple to style and comfortable to wear, good food, and a little bit about life here and there.

A little about me…I spent much of my childhood barefoot and building tents out of blankets. I’m a girly-girl that loves to be outside. My love for the outdoors and travel grow with each adventure I take. In school, I was an art nerd with a love for math and a real problem in the spelling department (although not much has changed). I love a guy in a green camo uniform and baseball cap, though preferably not at the same time. We currently live in the Southern United States in a small bungalow with our two pups, Sybil and Cyd. I’m usually really shy and reserved when meeting someone new. I love to garden and photograph people in my free time.

What camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D750 with an 85mm lens or a 24mm lens. If you are looking to buy a camera for everyday use, but aren’t going professional, I started out using the Nikon D7000.

Where do you shop for your capsule wardrobe items?

Mostly Madewell and Thrift. I often buy shoes from Nordstrom.