Ashley Lauren

Lover of Americana art. The color pink. National Parks. Tennessee. John Steinbeck novels. Rock climbing. Awkwardly dancing. Camping.

I’ve been married for four years, to my husband, Daniel. We have two crazy puppies which leave me constantly mopping my floors.

I started a career as an informations systems engineer in 2014, but left the tech world to pursue my passion in photography in 2017 after I began a position as a photographer on Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. Now, I pursue digital and film photography full-time.

My style has been described as timeless and romantic. I love to artistically create a romantic setting and captures authentic moments through an even mix of soft direction and photojournalism.

🌈All are welcome.

Ashley’s photography skills are always amazing, she knows how to capture your personality, imagination and everything you never knew you wanted in photos. Never making you feel uncomfortable about being in front of the camera, she’s everything anyone would ever want in a photographer!
— MEGAN + JAMES, 2018